Pouring the cement for the Flagpole. Knife River donated $3000 toward the erection of the Flagpole

Raising the 80' Flagpole

Railroad Days 2009 Flag Raising Event

2018 Operation Round-up donation from Todd Wadena Electric CoOp

Raising the 80’ flagpole and flying the 20’X30’ flag was quite an undertaking.  This was done by a collaborative effort starting with the Staples Rotary Club.  The Rotary Club began a fundraising campaign in 2005 and continued into 2006. The flagpole was purchased and put in storage. Contributors to this effort were; Staples Rotary Club, Staples Host Lions Club, City of Staples, Staples Community Foundation, Todd Wadena Electric Coop, Knife River,  and others.

Construction on the flagpole began on August 12th of 2009, just in time for the Annual Railroad Days Celebration.  The big flag was displayed in the Railroad Days Parade and was taken to the Veterans Park and officially raised for the first time.

Construction continued with the installation of the lights for the flag.  The posts for the lights were donated by Staples Precision MetalCraft. The lights for the flag were donated in part by the Todd Wadena Electric Coop’s “Roundup” program. 

The Flag is raised!

Base for the 80' Flag Pole

Let's Raise the Flag!

Carefully unfolding the flag at the Railroad Days Flag Raising Event

Vets Flag in the 2009 Railroad Days Parade